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Land Donations

The SILT Board of Trustees is pleased to inform the Savary community about our latest land donation. Anne Hodgins has gifted a lot on Vancouver Blvd (mid island) to the Savary Island Land Trust. Anne donated the lot because it was what her husband Don Hodgins had wanted; to protect more green space on Savary.

Don first started to visit Savary in the 90's when he worked with Erik Ferreira and Vick Sorley building places on the Island. Don was an experienced contractor and enjoyed spending time on Savary. It wasn't long before he got the Savary bug and bought some property mid island. He spent as much time as he could on the Island and was always drawn to it.

Don passed away in August 2013 and Anne contacted SILT in the fall 2015 to see if the Trust would be interested in receiving this donation. The board was pleased to receive the gift in January 2016. Thanks to our generous donors, SILT now holds 19 properties on Savary Island for greenspace. Land owners interested in learning more about the benefits of land donation can check out our donations page or contact us at