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Savary Island Land Trust

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Click for the posterAt last, 20 years since SILT’s inception, we have an exciting update on DL 1375.

SILT was contacted by Mr. Sahlin’s representative, Wayne Schwandt in early July, to let us know that he was planning to meet with the Nature Trust of BC with a proposal that would meet the objectives of the Nature Trust, SILT and the Sahlin family.  At our AGM on August 1, The Nature Trust of BC Advisory Committee Member, Doug Christopher, explained that The Nature Trust (TNT) is in the early stages of negotiating to acquire DL 1375. Mr. Sahlin will keep a portion of the land for his family. Savary Islanders Peter Armstrong and John O’Neill have been working with TNT to put a deal together and negotiations with Mr. Sahlin are ongoing. Funds will need to be raised, an estimated $6 million or more. SILT has been asked to raise at least $1 million while the Nature Trust pursues funding of its own.  After more than 20 years, the opportunity to protect the heart of Savary is here.  Thanks to everyone who supported SILT over those years.  Pledges towards the project may be made using this pledge form,  by contacting SILT at or at the SILT Tent at the Farmers Market Tuesdays 11-1. Download the poster here >>

Now is the time many have waited for, the time to think about all of our Savary memories, talk with our families and pledge generously to the Island we all love so much.

Warm wishes,
Liz Webster M.A.
Executive Director
Savary Island Land Trust Society

Funds raised to acquire Wetland lot on Savary Island!
Click here for more infoI am thrilled to tell you that we have raised the last $8000 needed to complete the purchase of Lot 39 in the wetland. Click here for more information. >>
Thanks for all of the donations over the holiday season.  It’s wonderful to see people come together and get behind land conservation with such enthusiasm.  In the last six months,  SILT has purchased 6 lots; 4 in the old growth forest and now 2 in the wetland.  Many people contributed to this success, from the donors, artists, bidders and auctioneers, to the event hosts, organizers and volunteers.  Thanks to everyone, the success is yours and the legacy, a gift for generations to come.
SILT now has 17 pieces of land on Savary Island. When SILT began in 1997, there was no protected land on Savary.  Today there are over 200 acres protected by the Nature Trust of BC, the Province of BC and SILT.
Your donations and membership supports all of our successes.  I invite you to join SILT, renew your membership or make a tax deductible donation here or by mail to SILT Box 141, Lund, BC V0N 2G0.  Not sure if your membership is current, email to check.
All the best for 2014,
Liz Webster M.A.

Are you a Coastal Sand Steward?
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·Tread carefully and stay on designated trails in sensitive areas?
·Keep wheeled vehicles off the beach?
·Avoid playing on, digging into or sliding down dunes of sand cliffs?
·Help to stop the spread of invasive species?
If you said yes to some or all of these questions, then you are well on your way to being a Coastal Sand Steward! To join the growing group of Islanders who agree to be good neighbours to local coastal sand ecosystems, click here for your Coastal Sand Certificate. Sign it and send a copy to!

A Change in Plans: Old growth and wetlands protected
Thanks to your fundraising efforts, SILT has been able to purchase lands of great ecological value, to preserve for generations to come. As we reported earlier this year, after years of fundraising for the Johnson Forest campaign, Mrs. Edna Johnson sadly passed away in September. When we learned that the Johnson family was no longer in a position to donate 4 lots to SILT, we contacted our donors to see if we could raise additional funds to purchase all 8 lots. This effort was not successful.

We are now thrilled to report that using the funds raised by the community last summer, SILT is in the midst of purchasing alternative lands with significant ecological value. The board considered 10 possible acquisition projects over the island and ultimately endorsed one project which included 5 lots, in 2 different parts of the island. Read more >>

>> Read our latest newsletter: New Land Acquisitions - Sand Dune Signs - Ancient Tree Mapping <<

The Savary Island Land Trust Society (SILT) was established to preserve and protect natural areas and biological diversity on Savary Island for present and future generations. SILT was incorporated as a society in the Province of British Columbia on October 21, 1997 and received registered charity status with Revenue Canada on June 2, 1998.

SILT has a growing membership of 325.  We believe in clean water, wildlife, wilderness and access to greenspace. SILT is dedicated to the preservation of natural areas and biological diversity on Savary island now and forever. Through generous donations, SILT has received eleven gifts of land (14 acres) on Savary Island. SILT was established in 1997, when the dream to preserve the last undivided and undeveloped wilderness on Savary (DL1375) also known as the “Trillium Lands”  was born. The 330 acre parcel was under threat of subdivision and development as a 90 unit gated community by Bellingham developers. Research determined that the land contained rare and endangered plants and plant communities and was one of the best examples of intact coastal dune ecology in Canada, in fact a national treasure. SILT began to look for ways to preserve the land and worked with Federal and Provincial governments to secure resources to purchase it. In 2000, SILT approached the Nature Trust of BC for assistance and in 2002, the Nature Trust of BC, the Province of BC, the Government of Canada and private donors made possible the purchase of a 50% undivided interest in DL 1375 and title to 13 adjoining parcels.

Since 2002, the Nature Trust of BC has tried to purchase the remaining 50% interest from developer Mr. Roger Sahlin in order to preserve this Savary treasure forever. Recently Mr. Sahlin took the Nature Trust to court under the Partition Act and a decision subdividing the land was made in February 2010. In April 2010, the Nature Trust of BC and SILT joined forces to appeal the court decision and save the last Savary wilderness. Learn More >>

Please use this website to keep up with our latest news and what's happening with the Heart of the Island, DL1375.

Please don't forget to read Savary Island Stewardship: A visitor's Guide.

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