4 Tips to Place Your Wagers on Canadian Football League Events

Welcome to our post on strategies and options in betting on the CFL. Betting is an enormous topic with enormous depth but here we simplify and summarize the basics for doing it right and doing it well.

Size Matters

The CFL has only 9 teams and plays a mere 4 games a week. For those willing to invest the time you can focus on learning the various teams much better in less time because there are only 4 games and 9 teams to study. This is a big edge for the savvy gambler.


The people you bet with are called bookies, or agents if you prefer. They take the teams involved and handicap the game to estimate how many points one team needs to make the game even. This is called making a book. A bad team versus a great team might be given ten points to call it even.

Here is an example of how you play this. If you think the total points will be more, you bet what is called the over. If you think it will be less, you bet the under. Various factors, such as late minute injuries, inclement weather, seeing a weakness that can be exploited but not widely known, all of these can give you an edge in the over/under style of betting.

Money Line

Also known as taking the odds. Using the example above choosing the bad team might be given odds of 5 to 1. This means that for every dollar you bet you will get back 5 if you win the bet. Conversely, the great team may be giving 1 to 5 odds. If you choose them you will get back 6 dollars for every 5 dollars you bet.

Most books convert the odds into a dollar amount nowadays so a 5 to 1 bet would be listed as +400 on 100 invested and the 1 to 5 bets would be listed as -500 to make 100.

Point Spread

The agent making book will give one team points to make the game what they think is even. The book is an exact number and rarely does the game come out exactly. The difference between the two teams at the end of the game is what you are betting on.

If the bookie is giving the bad team 10 points and you think it will be closer, you bet the bad team. If the difference is less than 10, you win. If you think it will be more, you bet the good team and if you are right and the good team wins by more than 10, you win.

As you can see, even this surface covering of the information can be quite extensive. We strive to keep you up to date and aware so that you have the best odds for making your best bet a winning bet.

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