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About the silts - About the BlogSILTS is a blog that exclusively talks about all things CFL, including the latest news from the league and updates on the athletes’ performance, training, and plans.

Our founder Jake Kerr is a public relations specialist that used to play football during his high school years, but never could focus on making it a career. He is an avid CFL fan and we are all part of his group of friends that have been going over to his place to watch the games for years now.

Since we have found that the banter between us and the polls that we would organize was so much fun, we figured it was a great idea to take it all to the net and let others enjoy it too. This is when we came up with the idea of having our blog to express how we felt about our favourite teams and athletes.

Moreover, we decided to include a news section and an athlete’sone too, to delve deeper into the world of CFL and everything that is involved in it. Thus, our blog slowly but surely became one of the best on the net and our reader-base quickly grew into thousands of loyal followers that give us feedback and encouragement.

We have no intention of quitting our activities at SILTS and plan on keeping the posts getting more and more interesting. The whole team stays updated and digs around for entertaining facts; hence we stay on track and relevant.