Differences between NFL and CFL that you should know (Part 1)

The NFL and the CFL are two professional leagues, American and Canadian. Yet there is a definite contrast between the NFL because the CFL, and you need to see the matches in motion to feel the difference. For lay citizens, the NFL stands for the National Football Union, played in the United States, and the CFL applies to the Canadian Football Federation, played in Canada.

What’s the NFL? 

The NFL is a national football federation. It’s played in America. The NFL was organized for the first time in 1920. There are actually 32 teams competing in the NFL. The NFL is the most famous sporting competition in America. The number of players in the NFL squad is 11. 

When it comes to playgrounds, except the 10-yard ends, the playground in the NFL is 100 yards wide and the pitch is 53.5 yards wide. Coming to the timeout, each team has three timeouts for each round. The NFL ranking is as follows. One brush of the ball is 6 points; a convertible stone 1 point; a pass or a hastily converted 2 points; a field goal is 3 points; a safety touch is 2 points, and a rogue is 1 point.

What’s the CFL? 

canadian football league cfl vector logo - Differences between NFL and CFL that you should know (Part 1)

The CFL is for Soccer Canada

It’s played in Canada. CFL is Canada’s biggest sports league in the professional sports division. The CFL was discovered in 1958. There are actually nine teams competing in the CFL. The Calgary Stampeders are the most recent CFL champions. Twelve (12) players are part of the CFL squad. Typically, this extra player in the CFL remains in the backyard. This means that there are seven attacking players and five defenders. There is also an additional receiver in the CFL category.

When it comes to playgrounds, the field played in the CFL is bigger than the area used in the NFL. In the CFL the finishing areas are 20 yards and the field width is 65 yards. The length of the CFL is 110 meters.