Differences between NFL and CFL that you should know (Part 2)

Definitions of NFL and CFL: 

NFL: NFL is a national football federation. It’s played in America. 

CFL: CFL is the Canadian Football League. It’s played in Canada. 

NFL and CFL features: 

Number of players in the game: 

NFL: The NFL has 11 teams on the field in a single game. 

CFL: The CFL has 12 teams on the field in a single match. 

The size of the field: 

Land Width: 

NFL: The school distance of the NFL is 53.5 yards. 

CFL: The field width of the CFL is 65 yards. 

The length of the field: 

NFL: The length of the NFL school is 100 yards. 

CFL: The CFL field length is 110 yards. 

End of zone:

NFL: The NFL has two zones that finish at 10 yards. 

CFL: The CFL has two zones that finish at 20 yards. 


tai xuong - Differences between NFL and CFL that you should know (Part 2)

Although white balls are used for both NFL and CFL, there are several variations in the balls used

NFL: The white ball used in the NFL has no stripes on it and a wider diameter than the balls used in the CFL. 

CFL: The ball used in CFL is heavier, has a larger diameter and has stripes. 

Time out of here: 

NFL: There are three NFL waiting times for each team in each round. 

CFL: There’s only one waiting time per quarter for the CFL players. 

Play clock: 

This is the time left for the defending side to train for the next session. 

NFL: The clock in the NFL is 40 seconds. 

CFL: Just 20 seconds of play time is given in the CFL. 

Sudden Deaths: 

NFL: If the game is tied after duration, the NFL will use sudden death to determine the winner. 

CFL: In CFL, two assets are given to each game if the game is tied after the period. If the teams are still tied, the game will be declared a draw. For a tie game, the CFL teams have one point, although there is no such system in the NFL. There is a victory or a defeat. The teams with the highest score will make the playoffs in the CFL.