Hoover’s Time Off – Facing No Football

The CFL is going through its longest off-season period yet because this pandemic has made it impossible for games to take place. The CFL has already called 2020’s season off entirely and there is no actual certainty of when the next game will be played, and this leaves players like Edmonton’s Hoover in limbo a bit.

Unexpected Long Break

When Hoover exited the locker room back in early December after the last game that Edmonton played, he couldn’t have imagined that he wouldn’t see his teammates next May. The shock of having no season this year is only made bigger by the fact that this young man has been playing football for over two decades and it’s his first summer without it.

Hoovers Time Off Facing No Football 1 - Hoover's Time Off - Facing No Football

Hoping Against Hope

Since he is a firm believer in controlling what he can control, he has kept training through the year as if nothing was happening and a new season was coming. Even when Hoover and his teammates realized that the games kept being put off, he kept training and worked hard to be ready, in case the game eventually did happen.

Extra Time vs. Waste of Time

This player has a new home with his girlfriend at Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and we all know that new homes oftentimes require a bit of fine-tuning. This is how Hoover has decided to spend his time off of football and how he has dealt with tough moments like being unable to play the Labour Day game.

The NFL’s Alluring Appeal

Given that the NFL’s season wasn’t cancelled, he took refuge in watching football on the tv with rapt attention, but this doesn’t mean that he feels the CFL shouldn’t have cancelled. Hoover, along with most other players, is confident that the right decision was made in cancelling the season, to protect the CFL and everybody that’s a part of it.

He has said that it has been nice to see, perhaps for the first time, that both the players and the League have agreed on something putting all differences aside. The tough circumstances have become the perfect brewing terrain for wonderful negotiations and ideas to give the CFL fans the very best they can offer for the 2021 season.

Although Hoover does plan on getting in proper shape before he is called to training next year, this off-season has been an opportunity to take it all one day at a time at home. All the while both CFL and players come together to make decisions that will work out both for them and the fans, in the long run.