Rugby – Where was Rugby coming from? (All that you need to know about the CFL) (Part 2)

Rugby Football Origin

The roots of rugby are believed to be rooted in a controversy at the English high school soccer game at Rugby in 1823, when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball by hand and kept it with him. While the evidence for this tale has not been provided, it is still immortal at this school since the scrapbook was written in 1895, and while questions exist about the claim. 

Nonetheless, the Rugby World Cup trophy is currently named after Webb Ellis. Rugby football today emerged in the form of a game that took place at Rugby School, and was later taken to college by school alumni.

Rugby alumnus Albert Pell, who later attended Cambridge, was considered the founder of the first soccer club. In the early days, each school had various codes of play, so the students of Rugby and Eton worked to introduce their rules to universities. 

An significant event in early rugby was the adoption of the first hand-written rugby rule at Rugby in 1845, followed by the ‘Cambridge Code’ in 1848. Others include the fact that the Blackheath club had left the FA in 1863 and that the Rugby Football Union had been founded in 1871. 

The rugby union was practically the first “rugby ball” but, the division that took place in England in 1895 saw the birth of another rugby game called the rugby league, and hence the old rugby game called the “rugby union” to differentiate it from the other. While the full name of the game is rugby union, it is sometimes referred to simply as “rugby”.

The First International Matches 

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The first rugby match between Scotland and England took place on March 27, 1871

Scotland has won 1-0. By 1881, both Ireland and Wales had a team, and the first international competition called the Home Nations Championship was held in 1883. The year 1883 was also the first year that the rugby sevens took place under the banner of Melrose Sevens, and is still being held today.