Why Follow the CFL – For NFL Fans

We know that plenty of our readers are NFL fans, with that league being huge on TV deals and merchandise, but the CFL is worth following too. If you understand the sport, you know that both leagues share many elements, and each has its appeal. Here is why NFL fans should follow the CFL.

The Excitement

Why Follow the CFL For NFL Fans 1 - Why Follow the CFL - For NFL Fans

Since the rules in the CFL are a bit different from the NFL’s, you get to see bigger and better plays. One fine example of this is the fact that you have three downs, as opposed to four downs, triggering more aggressive offence tactics in the field. Another thing that makes it more exciting is the fact that the CFL is less concerned with protecting stars.

Wide Open and Creative

Why Follow the CFL For NFL Fans 2 - Why Follow the CFL - For NFL Fans

An obvious difference between the NFL and CFL is the sheer size of the field, with the latter’s being bigger and allowing for more players. Although it is only one more player, this shifts the game’s options and alternatives immensely. Along with the wider room to move in, both offence and defence can get more creative.

The Sport was Born in Canada

Why Follow the CFL For NFL Fans 3 - Why Follow the CFL - For NFL Fans

If you love the Super Bowl with all its spectacular shows and everything, then you have the Canadian Grey Cup to thank. Canadians were the first ones to play this sport and the Grey Cup is twice as old as the NFL’s Super Bowl.

For NFL fans who are sick and tired of watching the sport they love being watered down by rules designed to protect income or stars, the CFL is football heaven. It’s a much more exciting game and it allows for more creativity in its wider and better field of playing.